3 MAY – 30 JUNE

  • Wren london
  • Reduction, Reduction, a solo exhibition of works by internationally acclaimed photographic artist Robin Broadbent, marks the inaugural exhibition at Wren London. Broadbent’s works are an abstract documentation of today’s material culture. Through formal qualities of space, shape, light and line, Broadbent’s photographs demand attention as sensuous entities. These qualities are embodied in the series Cell, created by highlights in oil, taking what began as a black space and forming individual embryonic worlds.

    For Reduction, Reduction, a selection of works have been taken from the recent book, The Photographic Work of Robin Broadbent, and have been produced specifically for this exhibition as silver gelatin and digital chromogenic photographic prints. The exhibition reflects the light & dark throughout Broadbent’s practice with the large scale artworks installed within two distinctly different rooms of the gallery.