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13th September - 29th September 2023

‘Ellery Kessels London Amsterdam’, from world renowned creatives Jonathan Ellery (B.1964) and Erik Kessels (B.1966), is an artistic collaboration stemming from the backdrop of COVID and Brexit as they deal with their own isolation, loneliness, and upheaval from the everyday. For 2 years, Ellery and Kessels collected scrap metal, both sharing in the fascination of the aesthetic quality of their found materials. On show are these unique pieces made by both artists. While Ellery’s work is mostly text-based, Kessels has re-appropriated the metal pieces with photographs from his vernacular collection of images, producing a unique collaboration. The resulting body of work is the product of the coming together of two similar, yet equally contrasting minds and personalities. The exhibition speaks to more than just the aesthetic differences between the two artists’ work, it is symbolic of the dichotomy of their personal perspectives and inspirations.